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Case Research 

Over the years we have collected a lot of evidence relevant to Dwayne's case. New items are scanned to the site regularly. 

Exculpatory Evidence

Money Paid to Wanda Faye Thomas

Wanda Faye Thomas was paid $100 for the information she provided in her testimony.

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Money Paid to Wanda Thomas 1.JPG.JPG

Wanda Thomas

Transcript of Wanda Thomas Statement on 10.17.1989.

Transcript of statement Wanda Faye Thomas made to Chief Investigator Willie Robinson and Detective Dale Carter on October 17, 1989. 

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Transcript of Wanda Thomas 10.17.1989  Pg 1.jpg

Wanda Faye Thomas

Police notes from Testimony of Wanda Faye Thomas on October 17, 1989.

Questionable statement of Wanda Thomas.

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Testimony of Wanda Thomas 10.17.1989.jpg

Wanda Thomas

Excerpt from Trial Transcript of Wanda Thomas 

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Trial Transcript of Wanda Thomas 1.jpg
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