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On January 11, 2017 the Louisiana Board of Pardons has granted Dwayne a third clemency hearing. He was denied the recommendation to commute his sentence to 99 years in 2018 by Governor John Bel Edwards. Let him know that you support the Pardon Boards two previous recommendations and would like him to reconsider the clemency recommendation.



The Clemency Struggle

It's Working
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Pastor Dwayne Hill


In 2017, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards,  signed into law the most comprehensive criminal justice reform in the state’s history. The reform package focused on non-violent, non-sex offenders and was designed to steer less serious offenders away from prison, strengthen alternatives to imprisonment, remove barriers to successful re-entry, and reduce prison terms for those who can be safely supervised in the community.

"Dwayne Hill not only meets the criteria set forth by the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Parole he exceeds it", stated one board member during his clemency application review.  How is it that a man who could be the face of the Louisiana Department of Corrections  rehabilitation efforts was denied clemency. We still aren't sure. A letter was delivered to Mr. Hill in 2018 stating the recommendation by the Parole Board to commute his sentence had been denied by the Governor. The letter also stated that he would be notified in writing the reason for the denial and that he could reapply in 4 years. Four years have passed and despite the efforts of Mr. Hill and those of his family, Mr. Hill has yet to obtain the reason. 

Mr. Hill was recently granted a new hearing with Pardon Board. Contact Governor Landry and show your support for his upcoming clemency hearing. Request that Mr. Hill be allowed to return home so that he might continue God's work in the community that misses him and to the family that needs him. 

Donate to help defer the growing cost of legal filings, communication efforts and website maintenance. 

We are always looking for supporters. Mail the board a letter of support.  

Our mission is to bring awareness to Dwayne's story and gather additional support in an effort to help him obtain his freedom.

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